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Signature Projects

We’re stewards of tomorrow’s environment. Although we face environmental concerns today, our work is helping to ensure a cleaner and safer future. That’s why Snyder Environmental is dedicated to safe and healthy environments for public, commercial, and industrial markets.

More than 3,000 products contain asbestos, and many of these materials are present in buildings for fireproofing, insulation, strengthening, and decorative purposes. Snyder Environmental has experience in all types of abatement procedures, including encapsulation, enclosure, removal, and disposal of asbestos-contaminated materials. In fact, we’ve filed more Notices of Intent than any other firm in Arkansas. Ever.

Snyder's maritime services are globally available and we are quick to mobilize at your notice. In most cases, our abatement methods allow vessels to remain in production during the abatement process. In addition to abatement services, Snyder provides asbestos surveys and can train your crew to properly handle materials during at-sea maintenance.


Snyder Environmental has the manpower, equipment, training, and knowledge to manage and abate regulated materials in extensive commercial, industrial, federal, and military projects. Our experience includes military sites, school and universities, government buildings, hospitals and medical centers, and commercial entities.

Our employees have completed abatement projects totaling millions of dollars. Whether it is one large facility or multiple projects on a site, we can handle your extensive abatement needs.


We staff multiple crews and can remain on a job site for an extended period. We see projects through to their completion and offer stability and reliability during multi-phased and multi-year projects.


Military Department of Arkansas

Military Department of Arkansas

Multiple Snyder Environmental projects at these two Arkansas Army National Guard installations ranged from small floor tile and mastic abatemetns to the abatement of oxy-cholride flooring in 35 barracks buildings....  Read More →

Location: Arkansas